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Making Music



Are you ready to unleash your creative & musical talents? Backspinz Music Academy is thrilled to present an incredible after-school programs..  Join us for a year of immersive learning, where you can explore the world of DJing, Music Production, Podcasting and so much more! We invite all creative and  aspiring musicians, beatmakers, and music enthusiasts to embark on this exciting journey with us.


Program Details

- DJing: Learn the art of mixing, scratching, and beatmatching with our professional DJ instructors. Discover the techniques used by renowned DJs and develop your unique style behind the decks. Learn to Make Money off your gift,  DJ for your own school events.


- Music Production: Dive into the world of music production and unlock your creativity. Explore industry-standard software, experiment with synthesizers and samplers, and compose your own tracks from scratch.


- Songwriting and Composition: Unleash your inner songwriter and learn how to craft compelling melodies and lyrics. Understand the elements of composition and express your thoughts and emotions through music.


- Performance Opportunities: Showcase your talent and build confidence by participating in live performances and events. Whether it's a school function or a community gathering, you'll have the chance to share your musical skills with others.


Program Schedule -Starts Wednesday  Sept .  6th at SCSA 


- Days: Every Wednesday 4th- 6th Grade  Time: 3:15 -4:45   

 Every Wednesday  7th & 8th Grade  TIme 5-6:30



Program Schedule -Starts Friday  Sept .  8th at MCSA  


 Days: Every Friday   4th- 6th Grade  Time: 3:15 -4:45 

 Every Friday  7th & 8th Grade  TIme 5-6:30

- Duration: Full year (September to May)

**Based on Sports Schedules an extra day will be added  during the week once a month i.e 4th Tuesday of the month.

Benefits of the Program

- Develop essential skills in music production, DJing, Podcasting, and more.

- Foster creativity, self-expression, and confidence.

- Gain hands-on experience with industry-standard equipment and software.

- Learn from experienced instructors passionate about music and teaching.

- Collaborate with fellow students and build a network of like-minded creatives.


Discover your musical potential at Southwest Charlotte STEM Academy with Backspinz Music Academy's after-school program. Join us for an unforgettable year of DJing, Music Production, and more! Unleash your creativity, learn valuable skills, and set the stage for a lifelong musical journey. Enroll today and let your passion for music soar!

Click your students logo to get a Bi-Weekly update on your students, these updates will not share pictures or real names.  Your students nickname/DJ name will be sent home with them for you to have access. Students will also be asked to manage an accountability sheet to help us help you create amazing productive and creative students

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