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We are thrilled to introduce you to Passion Fuelers, a dynamic donor program dedicated to empowering young creatives in our renowned music program, Backspinz. As advocates for the transformative power of music, we invite you to join us in nurturing the talents and aspirations of these budding artists. 


As a Passion Fueler, you will witness firsthand the tremendous impact your support has on the lives of these gifted artists. Together, we can nurture their creative flame and shape a brighter future for music. 

Thank you for being a catalyst for change and supporting the next generation of musical innovators!  If you would like to read more  about what your donation does please click more


Passion Fueler
Spark Igniters
Donation Range: $20 - $99


 - Benefits:

- All Benefits of the Inspiration Ignitor

     - Personalized thank you email or letter acknowledging their contribution.

     - Recognition on the program's website as a Spark Igniter.

     - Exclusive updates and newsletters about the program's progress

     -- Access to student portal to see bi-weekly progress on students

     -Free entry to Backspinz events

Passion Fueler
Blaze Boosters
 Donation Range: $500 - $999


- Benefits:

     - All benefits of Flame Supporters, plus:

     - Recognition in the program's annual report or publication.

     - Opportunity to participate in a behind-the-scenes tour of the program's operations.

-Naming rights to selected event(s) - while available


Passion Fueler
Flame Supporters
Donation Range: $100 - $499


- Benefits:

     - All benefits of Spark Igniters, plus:

     - Invitation to an annual appreciation event or virtual gathering.

     - Special recognition at the appreciation event or on the program's social media platforms.

     - Backspinz Monthly Gear

     - V.I.P to Backspinz Events

     -- Personalized certificate of appreciation.

Passion Fueler
Inferno Champions
 Donation Range: $1,000 - $4,999

   - Benefits:

     - All benefits of Blaze Boosters, plus:

     - VIP seating or access to program events and conferences.

     - Exclusive updates from program leaders, including personalized messages.

     - Special recognition as an Inferno Champion on promotional materials and press releases.

Passion Fueler
External Flame
- Donation Range: $5,000 and above

   - Benefits:

     - All benefits of Inferno Champions, plus:

     - Opportunity to participate in an advisory council or committee related to the program's initiatives.

     - Customized recognition and naming opportunities for specific program elements (subject to availability).

Passion Fueler
Inspiration Ignitor
One time Donation


   - Benefits:

Acknowledgment on our website

Social Media shout -out 

Student Portal Coming Soon
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