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Your Creative Pathway

We believe that the new generation of creatives thrive in spaces where they can individually work on creative projects-one where they can throw on a pair of headphones and create digital works of art using the latest technology in music, video production and podcasting  software.  But the learning doesn't stop there, once students have time to create their own music they are challenged to share their projects with their peers, where they both learn to receive constructive criticism and learn the value of critiquing others' work. The biggest thing that our young creatives love is the opportunity to monetize off of their creative works.  We at Backspinz helps them do that!  Here's your pathway

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Music in Film, T.V.
Music Prdction
Recording & Engineering
The Art of DJing

You and your parent(s) Guardian have come to open house and are ready to go!  Each semester is 8-12 weeks and  includes, class work and homework via the Backspinz app. Total time is 9-12 months including breaks and field work. Students earned their certificates and much more by the end of their classes at Backspinz

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