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We believe that the new generation of creatives thrive in spaces where they can individually work on creative projects-one where they can throw on a pair of headphones and create digital works of art using the latest technology in music, video production and podcasting  software.  But the learning doesn't stop there, once students have time to create their own music they are challenged to share their projects with their peers, where they both learn to receive constructive criticism and learn the value of critiquing others' work. The biggest thing that our young creatives love is the opportunity to monetize off of their creative works.  Backspinz has 3 main areas that will get them there.  Those are Music Production, Recording & Engineering, and DJing. Backspinz also offers Baisc  Music Business fundementals & Conflict Resolution Classes through the Backspinz app providing students with a realistic approach into the creative industry.

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         Music Production


      Recording & Engineering


           The Art of DJing 

Our Music Production Lab / Classroom provides our students with this advanced academic experience. Students enrolled in the Backspinz Music Academy & The Culture Studios program have the opportunity to strengthen  their computer literacy skills while producing original music using industry-standard equipment such as Pro Tools, Logic Pro X, Soundtrap, MPC Beats, Fruity Loops, Garage Band as well as industry-standard DJ & Production equipment and digital technology under expert instruction of partner artist mentors.

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Dollar Notes

Music Business

Conflict Resolution

Financial Literacy

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Your Creative Pathway

Learn to monetize off of your creative works. learn to create and sell loops, produce music for films, commercials and send placements to real artists,
We get this done through our sponsors and partners.


Semester weekly virtual class w/ Legendary DJ ROB SWIFT (subscription RQ)
Understanding Conflict Resolution via the Backspinz app

Weekly Lab 
DJ events and Monetize off of your creative work

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Graduate with your Certificate, EPK, The Knowledge to start your own business, and ways to monetize off of your creative works,, Networking opportunities, Conflict Resolution Skills,  A stronger sense of Awareness, Make better Decisons 

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