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5 Week Acting Class with Film Director Dontai Keith

Starting Soon

Welcome to our exciting theater class at Backspinz Music Academy, where creativity knows no bounds! Led by the incredibly talented instructor, Dontai Keith, this class promises to be an extraordinary journey into the mesmerizing world of theater.

In this captivating course, we seamlessly blend the enchanting realms of theater and music to create unforgettable performances. Through the fusion of dramatic storytelling, emotive acting, and the power of music, our students explore the synergy between these two art forms.

Under Dontai Keith's expert guidance, aspiring actors and musicians will learn how to convey emotions, develop captivating characters, and harness the transformative power of music to enhance their theatrical performances. Whether it's a thrilling musical, an intimate play, or a thought-provoking production, students will delve into the intricate connection between music and theater.

In our theater class, students get the unique opportunity to not only act but also experiment with singing, dancing, and musical accompaniment. By immersing themselves in this multi-dimensional approach, they will gain a deeper understanding of how music can elevate the dramatic elements, intensify emotions, and add a captivating layer to any performance.

Through collaborative exercises, improvisation, and scene work, Dontai Keith fosters an environment that nurtures individual creativity while encouraging teamwork and camaraderie. Students will build self-confidence, expressiveness, and a profound appreciation for the harmonious marriage of theater and music.

Join us at Backspinz Music Academy for an unforgettable theater experience, guided by the inspiring Dontai Keith, and let the enchanting world of music and theater transport you to new heights of artistic expression!

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