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Congratulations , You’ve been chosen as 1 of 10 artist to participate in RapSnacks 1st ever  Top 10 Artist to Watch 2023. T he goal of this project is to showcase the most promising artists of 2023 and provide them with an exceptional platform to gain visibility as well as raise awareness  to gain donors that will support scholarships, stipend ,etc for the next generation of creatives.  This is a collaboration with Rapsnacksfdn Signature program Backspinz Music Academy



The goal of this project is to showcase artists to watch in 2023 and provide them with an exceptional platform to gain visibility and raise awareness for your brands


If you accept this invitation, we kindly request that you click the link above or below to fill out the form.  The mixtape will be prominently featured on the official RapSnacks website, accessible to tastemakers, sponsors, and consumers alike. This exposure will undoubtedly increase your reach and connect you with a diverse audience of music enthusiasts and industry professionals.

The mixtape will also receive an ad campaign that will also boost your brand visibility.


Furthermore, it's important to highlight that this mixtape holds a greater purpose beyond celebrating talented artists. It aims to raise awareness and support for the RapSnacks Foundation's signature program, the Backspinz Music Academy. By participating in this mixtape, you will contribute to our mission of empowering aspiring musicians through mentorship, education, and resources. Your involvement will help us grow our community and provide opportunities for young talents to develop their skills and pursue their dreams.

We are genuinely excited about the potential impact of your music on this mixtape and the wider music community. Your talent has caught our attention, and we strongly believe that your participation will add immense value to this project.


Thank you . We eagerly await your form and hope to include your incredible artistry in the RapSnacks Top 10 Artist To Watch 2023 Mixtape.  

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