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Backspinz Music Academy is a music educ7ation program for young creators ages 9-17 (Ask about our adult class).  While teaching youth entrepreneurship and financial literacy Backspinz focuses on self-awareness, self-management, responsible decision making, social awareness, and relationship skills.  


Backspinz believes that these areas are essential in social and emotional growth.  These focus areas are infused in the day over day music education classes at Backspinz and the evidence-based curriculum The Art of Peace-Making through Understanding Conflict Resolution.

After School

Backspinz offers after-school programing with  a high focus on your interest in the music industry.  Rather it's Songwriting & Performance, Music Production, DJing or Recording & Audio Engineering Backspinz is able to provide training in your area of interest.


In -School

Want to bring the Backspinz Music Academy to your school for your Creatives?  Backspinz is able to create an in class experience for your creatives.  Rather it be a workshop style or consistent classes Backspinz is able to turn your space into a Production Lab.


Allow Backspinz and it's professonal instructors & student instructors create meaningful workshops for your students.  These workshops will get right to the meat of where you're trying to go in the music space.

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Court Ordered Teens 

Backspinz Music Academy is partnered with Transforming Youth Movement Inc that allows BMA to work with teens who have been court ordered to complete their Mentor or Community Service program. 


BMA provides an opportunity for these at - opportunity students who have an interest in music to pursue their careers in the music space.  These students are able to get Community Service hours in their interest of music by participating in BMA.  Rather it's 10-101 hours we will be able to facilitate a meaningful community service opportunity in their interest of music.

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