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Join us and our Host Just B Man No DJ for an electrifying live stream event, "No Cutz Allowed"! This unique showcase is dedicated to showcasing the incredible talent of our  DJs, where the beats are pumping, and the energy is contagious. But that's not all - we have an exciting twist in store for you.  With the live stream, viewers like you have the opportunity to directly support these talented DJs and contribute to their journey.



Your generous contributions will be instrumental in helping them continue to pursue their passion and further their musical careers. We believe in empowering these talented individuals, and that's why a portion of the funds raised from viewers will go directly to these young DJs.  So get ready to witness an unforgettable experience as Dj Monstar, Dj Dillon Jam & Dj Wildcard  take the stage, mixing tracks, and creating seamless transitions that will keep you dancing throughout the night. From pulsating beats to mind-blowing drops, "No Cutz Allowed" guarantees a sonic journey like no other.

Click above to purchase now, If you will not be able to attend you still can purchase the video and watch at a later date.

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