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Beats By J. T presents
Pop Problems
the Mixtape

Beats by JT is an up-and-coming 15yr producer/finger drummer, with a unique ear. He began making beats on GarageBand at age 4 and received his first Akai keyboard controller by age 12. He began honing his craft on the mpc live and started his Instagram page at age 13. JT began turning heads around the music industry when one of his finger drum videos went viral, after being reposted by his mentor Trizzy Track. Then another video was reposted by Mr. Talkbox, Teddy Riley, and T Pain! JT at age 14, was also the youngest ever semi-finalist in the legendary producer Skibeatz SmackPack Challenge.


While JT is excited about growing as a producer, he understands that his gift was given to him, in part, so that he could be a light. JT relishes every opportunity to be a beacon of hope and inspiration wherever needed, among his generation and beyond. JT is a young man so he is incredibly inspired by the countless messages he receives, from not only kid but adult artist and producers explaining just how much he inspires them. JT doesn’t take for granted his light but instead hopes that through his music and performances, he can inspire everyone he encounters, old or young, to shine their light. 

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