Thank you for donating or becoming a monthly member of Back Spinz!  By donating you will get to track the progress of students as they move through the 16-week music education program. Your donation or monthly membership will also grant you access to member events such as parties, luncheons, and mixers. On top of that, your donation or monthly membership  is tax-deductible. Back Spinz is a non-profit organization with Internal Revenue Service 501(c)3 status.

Once students are at the Back Spinz program site, their focus is redirected from having unsupervised idle time, which could easily turn into troublesome situations. Back Spinz students' focus is redirected into their passion for music. They learn how to DJ and create music through various music engineering ,production equipment and software.  Students will then deep dive into the business side of the music industry. By tapping into their passion for music, idle time becomes practice time, repair time, and business ideation time. 


Becoming a Passion Fueler is the first step that gets them to the program. Without the gas cards, some parents of youth may have to bypass getting their kid to the program site for a trip to work instead. Your donation reduces the stress of having to find extra gas money to escort their kid back-and-forth to the Back Spinz program site.


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Passion Fueler


Passion Fueler

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